5 Awesome Celebrity On-Air Walk Offs

Who doesn't love a little live meltdown?

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Don't let anyone fool you. The classic "on-air celeb walk-off" is great business for both parties. The hosting show gets a ratings spike and the celebrity gets a goodies basket courtesy of Ketel One vodka. Gaffes and mis-steps are the highlight of the news cycle, especially during an election year, so we here at CRAVE thought we'd invite you to revel in the hilariously uncomfortable best-of celebrity on-air walk-offs with us!

No celebrities were harmed in the making of these videos, except maybe Jim Rome. 

Take a look: 


1. Adorable Gary Coleman drops an F-Bomb and walks out on The Insider:

It's hard to stay mad at him as he walks away. So cute!


2. Crispin Glover scares the sh*t out of David Letterman:

There is only one Andy Kaufman, and Crispin Glover is not him. 


3. Richard Simmons gets mad at Richard Simmons:

If Shatner is the thing that causes you to go over the top, you have some serious problems. 


4. Jim Everett attacks Jim Rome and then leaves. Awesome:

Jim Everett lives the dream so many athletes have.  


5. Jesse Ventura trades blows with Jim Norton and walks off the air:

They settled it in a cage match the next night on RAW.