Latest Resident Evil 6 Trailer Sets a Dark and Ominous Tone

No hope left indeed.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Capcom has released an English version of their Tokyo Game Show trailer for Resident Evil 6. Surprisingly, the trailer is rather somber in tone until the last minute or so. It paints a picture of “No Hope Left,” which just so happens to be the game’s tagline.

Personally, I’m pretty damn excited for the game being a longtime fan of the series. Yes, that even includes the more action-y approach the recent games have taken.

Resident Evil 6, however, looks to draw inspiration from the franchise’s entire rich history to give something that caters to the original survival horror fans and the newcomers looking for an action extravaganza, a la Call of Duty. You get a taste of all of that with the below trailer. Give it a watch.