Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

Another week, another new #1 and three new members of the top ten in this week's power rankings!

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

This might be the most difficult power ranking list I'll ever have to do, between seven of my bottom ten teams winning and referees blowing games, I have less of an idea who really are the best teams.  But after three weeks I've finally let the Cardinals move into the top ten and let the Saints drop into the bottom five.

1. (3) Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons have taken down every team they have played with ease.  Whether they can continue that when it counts in the playoffs is yet to be seen.

2. (10) Houston Texans – A dominant performance against the Broncos thanks to a personal record four touchdown passes by Matt Schaub.  Houston might be the best all around team in the AFC

3. (5) Baltimore Ravens – A great performance by Torrey Smith the night after losing his little brother propelled the Ravens to a big win.  In the future, the Ravens need to keep leaning on Ray Rice to keep getting wins.

4. (11) New York Giants – A dominant performance against the Panthers is expected.  But don't be surprised to see a different Giants team each week.

5. (4) New England Patriots – The Patriots need to stop relying so much on the passing game if they expect to control games.  Having real refs might help them as well.

6. (13) Cincinnati Bengals – The offense was explosive and the defense did just enough to hold the Redskins in check.

7. (1) San Francisco 49ers – The whole team looked surprisingly overmatched by the Vikings.  I expect the 49ers to get back on track next week against the Jets.

8. (2) Green Bay Packers – The offensive line looked like it decided to take the week off against the Seahawks. 

9. (23) Arizona Cardinals – I'm still skeptical about a Kevin Kolb led offense.  Luckily the Arizona defense might be one of the best in the league right now.

10. (6) Denver Broncos – The Broncos need to stop losing games by halftime.

11. (7) Pittsburgh Steelers – The lack of a running game (and porous secondary) did in the Steelers on the road against the Raiders.  A week 4 bye should help the running game get healthy.

12. (14) Chicago Bears – The offense still has issues, the Bears need to lean on their defense until the offense gets the game in check.

13. (9) Detroit Lions – A loss and injury to Matthew Stafford should have made this team drop further, but Shaun Hill's effort late in the game along with Mikel Leshoure's establishing of a running game means the Lions should be OK for a week or two.

14. (20) Buffalo Bills – A win over the Browns isn't necessarily impressive, we'll have to see how they do next week leaning on #3 running back Tashard Choice.

15. (25) Seattle Seahawks – I have no words for the Monday night game.  But the Seahawks defensive effort was enough for me to move them up ten spots.

16. (29) Minnesota Vikings – Last week I said talk to me when the Vikings play someone good.  After manhandling the 49ers, I'm willing to start up the conversation.  Christian Ponder has the potential to be the best QB of the 2011 draft class.

17. (15) Dallas Cowboys – Other than their opening game, the Cowboys haven't impressed.  

18. (12) San Diego Chargers – so much for the 2-0 start, the Chargers were dominated in every way by the Falcons.  The Chargers would have fallen further if Atlanta wasn't the best in the NFL.

19. (8) Philadelphia Eagles – 12 turnovers in three games should have had the Eagles with worse than a 2-1 record.

20. (27) Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs won a game against the hapless Saints but needed a massive day out of Jamaal Charles.

21. (28) Tennessee Titans – Locker had his best game this season, but the defense never should have let the Lions force overtime.

22. (22) New York Jets – The Jets offense was anemic for most of the game, thankfully for them they were playing a bad team in Miami.

23. (19) Washington Redskins – Another game the Redskins were in until the very end.  They need to learn how to win, and how to protect RG3.

24. (17) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tampa kept it close, but couldn't move the ball against the Cowboys on the road.

25. (18) St. Louis Rams – The Rams didn't get into the redzone at all against the Bears.

26. (21) Indianapolis Colts – Not an impressive outing for the Colts against an equally bad Jaguars team. Indianapolis did control the ball for most of the game, but gave it away late.

27. (32) Oakland Raiders – The Raiders first win was more of a loss by the Steelers than a win by Oakland.

28. (16) New Orleans Saints – I said that if the Saints lost again that they'd plummet down this list.  They did, so they do.

29. (24) Carolina Panthers – A sad outing against the Giants, the Panthers need more weapons than just Cam Newton.  

30. (26) Miami Dolphins – Can you say choke job?  The Dolphins had the Jets contained for a while before losing in overtime.  Two missed field goals didn't help either.

31. (31) Jacksonville Jaguars – A last second 80 yard pass play to win a game where you've been outplayed doesn't mean you get to move up the list.

32. (30) Cleveland Browns – The Browns are one of only two 0-3 teams….enough said.

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