HAWAII FIVE-0 3.01 ‘La O Na Makuahine’ (‘Mother’s Day’)

McGarrett learns the truth about "Shellburn" while Wo Fat teams up with another 5-0 nemesis.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode: 'La O Na Makuahine ('Mother's Day')'

Writer: Peter M. Lenkov

Director: Bryan Spicer

Previously on 'Hawaii Five-0'

Episode 2.23 "Ua Hala" ("Death in the Family")


After making the difficult choice of choosing to save Malia or over Kono, Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) finds his wife unconscious on the kitchen floor. Meanwhile, Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) manages to pull Kono (Grace Park) out of the water and get her to the dock where he performs CPR on her. Kono regains consciousness. However, the paramedics are unable to save Malia.

In Japan, McGarrett's mother, Doris (Christine Lahti) explains her complicated past to her son. "Shellburn" was her codename back when she worked as a spy for the Pentagon. After she killed Wo Fat's father in the field, Doris faked her own death in order to protect her family from Wo Fat, who would be looking for vengeance. McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) tells Doris he's taking her back to the States and that Wo Fat, who's now in custody, can't hurt them.

However, back in Hawaii, Frank Delano's crew uses a helicopter to airlift the truck transporting Wo Fat. After the truck is dropped in the ocean, a team of divers free Wo Fat and bring him to a nearby ship where Delano (William Baldwin) is waiting. There, the cop-turned-gangster offers to give up the location of "Shellburn" in exchange for Wo Fat's drug connections.

When McGarrett arrives back on U.S. soil, Danny (Scott Caan) tells him about Chin Ho's wife and Wo Fat's escape. With Wo Fat on the loose, McGarrett asks Catherine (Michelle Borth) to guard his mother at a safe house.

Back at 5-0 HQ, Chin Ho learns that the plate on the van that Delano and Wo Fat fled in belongs to a local woman with a record. 5-0 raids the house and finds a number of dead bodies in the attic. The team learns that the dead are employees of a construction company contracted to do work at HPD. The team realizes that Delano and his team are going to pose as the workers to get access to a large drug haul in evidence.

With Denalo and his crew now on the run after making off with the drugs, Danny and McGarrett race after them. Their pursuit ends when Delano is stuck in traffic thanks to a car accident. The crew flees and a gunfight ensues between Delano and HPD. Chin Ho catches up with Delano, who goads him about killing an unarmed man. After hesitating for a moment, Chin Ho shoots Delano dead.

When the 5-0 team regroups, they realize that Wo Fat is still at large. However, based on a tip Kono got from one of Delano's crew members, McGarrett believes Wo Fat is headed to the safehouse.

After she gets a warning from McGarrett, Katherine has Doris hide upstairs. Wo Fat finds Doris while Katherine is securing the perimeter outside. Shots are fired, but when Katherine arrives, Doris says Wo Fat escaped.

With her life still in danger, McGarrett tells Doris that she needs to leave immediately. However, he promises to contact her once it's safe. As her plane takes off, Danny arrives and tells McGarrett that Doris intentionally missed when she fired at Wo Fat, allowing him to escape.


No it's not some dark agent of the Illuminati or a brain washed operative under the control of a sinister global crime syndicate. Nope, "Shellburn" is McGarrett's mom. But as we learned in this blockbuster season three premiere, Doris McGarrett was no Susie Homemaker.

As she explained to her son, Momma McGarrett was once a spy for the Pentagon. When she offed Wo Fat's daddy on a mission, she thought it best to make herself scarce, or rather, dead.

With the nagging "Shellburn" mystery solved, things quickly went into high gear, serving as a reminder of what's great about "Hawaii Five-0." And that would be watching Grace Park jump on the hood of a car and shoot a baddie through the windshield.

"H50" tried to get emo a few times in this episode, as Chin grieved for Malia in his kitchen, McGarrett hugged his mom after her showdown with Wo Fat and Kono cuddled up to her Yakuza boy-toy, Adam Noshimuri. But let's be honest, we're not watching this show for touchy feely crap. We're in it for the gun fights, explosions, occasionally acts of ninja warrior heroics and the McGarrett/Danno bromance. And this episode had it all.

Uber-award winning actress, Christine Lahti was great as McGarrett's wise-cracking mom. When she wasn't busy reminding the youngins that she survived two assassination attempts by the PLO, Momma McGarrett was scolding "Stephen" for cussing, giving Danny relationship advice and interrogating Katherine about her feelings for her son. Too bad she had to leave so soon.

Of course, "Shellburn's" departure wasn't without a hitch. According to Danny, she let Wo Fat escape. Frank Delano may be dead, but with Wo Fat and Momma McGarrett in the wind, things clearly aren't settled.

A few additional observations about 'La O Na Makuahine ('Mother's Day'):'

Danny and Rachel are at it again. And you know it's bad when he's got ELO's 'Evil Woman' as her ringtone.

An armored truck airlifted by a helicopter and then dumped in the ocean? Awesome. The reaction of the two surfers who saw this awesome sight? "Hey look at that." Lame.

Chin Ho isn't a dirty cop but that doesn't mean he won't pop a cap in your face if you kill his wife.

Chances of Kono and Adam's Cop/Yakuza romance making it through the season? Expect broken hearts and severed pinkies.

This season three opener was a great comeback for "H50." The show feels as fresh and fast-paced as it did two years ago. Of course, not every episode is going to go all out the way this premiere did, but it definitely set the stage for a very exciting season.