Streak Freak Or Rebound Bound: 2nd NFL Edition

Taking a look at the hot and cold streaks in football and whether it's time to remain calm or lose your shorts!

B. Redd Reddochby B. Redd Reddoch

After three games, there are three teams with perfect records and two still winless. Many others started their own mini-streaks. Sometimes expectations should be tempered on a hot streak as your team will “Bound Down," or stay calm during a losing streak knowing things will right itself as your floundering team will “Rebound Bound”.

The only way to find out is to play “Streak Freak, Bound Down or Rebound Bound”!

Atlanta – 3 wins
The Dirty Birds are flocking down in Atlanta. Things haven’t been this exciting since MC Hammer danced around the sidelines. Much like that 1991 team, this version of the Falcons are “2 Legit 2 Quit”. With Matt Ryan leading the offense and their defense bending just enough not to break, Atlanta looks great going after Carolina, Washington, and Oakland.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Arizona – 3 wins
It’s hard to argue with the Cardinals not being freaks after watching them drop the Seahawks, Patriots and Eagles with a top 3 defense. But, it’s even harder to argue that a team with Kevin Kolb as the starter is a team to get excited about. However, they face the Dolphins, Rams, Bills and Vikings in the next four weeks. At worse, they’ll drop two at best they might be 7-0 before they go into San Francisco and get a reminder of who’s conference it belongs to (in the Bay Area’s mind).
Judgment – Streak Freak

Buffalo – 2 wins
Ryan Fitzpatrick tore the world anew last year before a mid-season nose-dive. Most folks assumed that defenses watched some film and figured him out. It turns out that he broke a rib and the Bills were mum until the off-season. It should be excitement time in Buffalo (now they know what excitement looks like up there), but alas expectations should be tempered. They beat the Chiefs and Browns. That is a far cry from the quality of the Patriots, 49ers and Cardinals that now will hunt the great Buffalo. The Bills will get skinned.
Judgment – Bound Down

Cleveland – 3 losses
In the bottom 5 in offense AND defense, the Browns are nearly hopeless. The only hope Browns fans have is that the replacement referees mess up and give them some extra chances. They will need it against the Ravens, Giants and Bengals.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Denver – 2 losses
The Broncos suffered two tough losses against the Falcons and Texans. The Broncos have a brutal opening three weeks, but they knew that going into the year. The Raiders and Chargers will give them a chance to claim the top of the AFC West. Just take a deep breath and remind yourself they lost by only one score these past two weeks.
Judgment – Rebound Bound

Detroit  – 2 losses
The easiest bet in football next week is the Lions over the Vikings. Minnesota shocked the 49ers but that does not translate to a road trip to beat another superior team. Detroit being tops in passing yards while being stingy against the run does translate into a righting of the ship.
Judgment – Rebound Bound

Houston – 3 wins
The Texans are a punishing, physical team that has pushed everyone around. They will continue to stampede through the league until someone finds a really really big lasso.
Judgment – Streak Freak

New England – 2 loses
Yes, the Patriots lost to two good teams in Arizona and Baltimore. Yes, they have an easier schedule. However, they lost Aaron Hernandez. Wes Welker was last seen being kidnapped by Benjamin Linus… he’s lost and missing. At the end of the day, they will win more games, but they are a mediocre team with a schedule that brings few road challenges… and their in a weak division.
Judgment – Rebound Bound.

New Orleans – 0-3
Does anyone alive not think that Clay Matthews and the Green Bay Packers won’t take out their “replacement referees resentment” on the Saints?
Judgment – Streak Freak

Photo Credit: Zuma Press/Icon SMI