7 Epic Karate Fails

If you think karate is hard. Yep. Prepare for fails!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

It all started with Afro ninja, and even though you think he’d already set the bar for fail pretty high, the bar actually doesn’t have to be set high at all for these failers to fail.


Afro Ninja


Check out this fail ninja girl.

Girl Karate Fail


The Headbanging Fail

This will knock your block off.


I’d like to take a quick break for this

Montage of Extreme Awesomeness – FAIL

We now return you to your regularly scheduled fail.


Coconut Fail

You can pretty much see this guys hand turning to jello as he destroys it over and over again.


Cement plates Fail

This is a classic example of martial arts…. And extreme concentra—… hey a squirrel


That wraps up another epic fail list, for failers. More like flailers. And remember folks these fails are preformed by professional idiots, so don’t try it at home… or do, and don’t fail… but if you do, and you fail, video tape it and send me the links!


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