BAMF Girls Needs Your Help!

Help or they will shoot. Man, now I wish Robocop was in this show...

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

So earlier on in my reviewing career I had covered a really hot up and coming show The BAMF Girls Club. It's an amazingly funny and faithful parody of various fantasy novels/movies starring the female protagonists of each series. Their overuse of the word BAMF only endears me further to this fake reality TV show.


But now BAMF needs some CASH in order to continue. Erika Cervantes and Emily McGregor bring the over-the-top pitchman act to great aplomb here:



I promise to rarely plug Kickstarter campaigns on this website, but this is a series that has great ideas and the actors and production value to pull them off. For everything that happens in geekdom I don't think that female leads get an equal shrift beyond sex object, so when a good show comes along let's all choose to vote with our dollars.


And Lisbeth continues to make me belly laugh with each appearance, she gets her due in the last episode of the season.


Check out episodes 3 and 4 of BAMF Girls Club below. And if you like what you see spread it around! You could be a part of the next viral hit!




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