Adam Greenberg Will Get His ‘One At-Bat’

[Video] In what could be the feel good story of the year, find out which team is stepping up and why it's so inspiring.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

It's been seven years, two months and 24 days since Adam Greenberg's life-long dream turned on him in the blink of an eye. He will finally find redemption Tuesday.

On July 9, 2005, Greenberg was called up by the Chicago Cubs for his first Major League game. The Guilford, Conn. native had finally made it to 'the show,' his life-long dream. Reaching the plate for a pitch-hit appearance in the 9th inning against the Florida Marlins, Greenberg stepped up to face left-hander Valerio De Los Santos. On the very first pitch, De Los Santos tossed a 92-mph fast ball that made a b-line straight for Greenberg's head. The result was a knock in the head so devastating that the ricochet was heard throughout the stadium. The shot sent Greenberg straight to the ground in an intense amount of pain that ended with a trip to the hospital with a severe concussion. 

Since that night, Greenberg has suffered post-concussion syndrome, dizziness, severe headaches, nausea and double vision, just to name a few symptoms. The worst side-effect being the acceptance of possibly knowing he could be a career minor-leaguer, never making it back to the Bigs. He would be the only pro in baseball history to make it to the Majors, only to exit forever after only one pitch. Many think that's not right.

The Miami Marlins are ready to make it right.

After much recent campaigning around the country (video below) MLB Commish Bud Selig gave his approval to the Marlins to let Greenberg have a plate appearance next Tuesday when Miami hosts the Mets. Both teams are out of the playoff race and have nothing to lose.

"I'm ready," Greenberg stated teary-eyed on The Today Show on Thursday.

The now-31-year-old outfielder has a lot of appreciation for Sports Activist Matt Liston, who put out a tremendous campaign to fans and MLB personnel in order to get Greenberg his 'one at-bat.'

"They said they didn't follow my story and that after Matt brought it to their attention, they sent their scouts to see me," Greenberg told ESPN. "I was at their spring training facility for almost two weeks. They said they believe in hard work, perseverance and that anything is possible. I believe that genuinely."

Liston got a solid online following in support of Greenberg after posting Youtube videos, getting endorsements from players, including Hall of Famer George Brett and more than 20,000 signatures at Although his ultimate goal was to get Greenberg's former team, the Chicago Cubs, to give him a one-day contract, it was Miami that stepped up to the plate.

Greenberg will return to The Today Show to talk to host Matt Lauer, no matter the result of his one at-bat. The newest member of the Marlins has also agreed to donate his one-day salary to the Marlins Foundation, which will donate the cash to the Sports Legacy Institute, a facility that studies treatment and prevention of the effects of trauma to the brain in athletes.

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