10 Worst Death Scenes Ever

You’ll die laughing.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

When someone’s shot full of bullets, you expect them to die pretty quickly. Not so in terrible movies, where there’s a lot of flailing about and mugging for the camera. They give “die hard” a new meaning. So put some cheese on that popcorn, because here are 10 of the worst death scenes ever:


Kareteci Kiz

Aaaaah! But also, aaaaaah!


Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

This man died from… a vicious nutshot.


Killing Zoe

Stand in the place where you died…


U.S. Seals

This is what they did to Bin Laden.



He did it… to save the cube. You would have done the same.


The Invincible Barbarian

He makes the same noises when he’s constipated.


Asylum Erotica

That blood splatter was sold to a modern art gallery for  $1.2 million.


Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

That dummy took a hard fall.


Siam Sunset

Actually, he survived.


Enter the Ninja

I’m dying. Meh.


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