5 Episodes of The Best Show in the Universe

Internet legend Maddox brings his trademark rants to YouTube.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Internet personalities come and go, so it’s remarkable when someone remains in the web’s consciousness for a year, let alone fifteen! Comedy writer George Ouzounian, aka Maddox, has managed to do just that. He became famous in the early aughts writing satirical articles online, and two years ago adapted his writings into a YouTube show that’s received millions of views. Here are 5 episodes of The Best Show in the Universe:


New York Sucks

I’d call it the Big Crapple, if “crapple” was a word. Which it should be.


Animals Suck (At Being People, Too)

Have a cow, man!


Secret Video Taping Sucks

So the guy loves patio furniture. What of it?


Kids on YouTube Suck

Won’t someone think of the children? Specifically, how they’re all failures?


Everyone Else on YouTube Sucks

This video basically predicted Fred: The Movie… what else does it know?


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