Packers Add More Whine To Cheese, Still Beat Saints

Green Bay players learn the right lessons from the Seattle game, but their fans do not.

B. Redd Reddochby B. Redd Reddoch

The love shown towards the “real referees” by the Packers was gushing and public. Players and coaches made sure to shake hands and welcome the men-in-stripes back.

The fans cheered.

The fans waved cleaver signs.

The fans wore black and white stripped jerseys.

The fans wore shirts proclaiming “Worst Call Ever –  9/24/12”

It is understandable. Even Seattle fans admit the call last Monday night was wrong. And while it was a bad call, the Packer faithful forget the nine sacks, the lack of offensive production or the fact their own touchdown run had questionable calls. It was easier to whine about the last call then being realistic about how Aaron Rogers & company got there.

It wasn’t the worst call ever. We don’t even know if it will determine a playoff spot.
The Raiders may have something to say about the ranking of bad calls (see: the Immaculate Reception and the Tuck Rule) yet were strangely silent this past week. The “Stinks Like Limburger Cheese Call” (seriously, this needs a nickname) was on Monday night and not in the Super Bowl, but it is understandable why they loved the old refs coming back.

How quickly the love was forgotten.

How quickly the Packers forgot what got them to a 1-2 record.

On the first questionable call going against Green Bay, the boos reigned down from Lambeau’s field.
Marquees Colston pushed a defender before catching a touchdown pass. He may or may not have had help from the ground. And, it wasn’t the only time the fans booed the white caps.

The next two close plays that went against the Packers, the crowd reacted negatively. The boo-birds flew on a challenged catch by Jordy Nelson early in the second that was ruled incomplete. The very next play, the crowd cat-called again as they disagreed with the spot of the ball which created a 4th and inches punt. The first three close calls against the Packers, the Cheeseheads curdled. Like déjà vu, Mike Macarthy lost a challenge during the second half. The crowd booed when the close play went against them.

A would-be costly fumble by the Saints with seven minutes to go in the game was ruled down by contact. With no more challenges available, the Packers were left to grumble. The fans rained their displeasure, but it was really the only time they really could complain. After all, close calls can go either way.

The fans may not have learned anything from the “Golden Tate’s Fake Golden Reception” (seriously, we need a nickname for this). The Packers players learned a great deal.

They came out gunning.

They came out physical.

They came out not wanting to leave a game to the last play ever again. Most importantly, they proved to themselves that they can win a come from behind game and not have it come down to the last couple minutes (okay, they need to work on that).

They won.

Regardless of controversies and discussions, they won. That’s what really mattered. Aaron Rogers was in command with 4 touchdowns and zero (count them, zero) sacks. The defense did just enough to keep the Saints in check.

They won and that is all that matters. The first lesson Green Bay should have and did learn from Seattle.

If Green Bay plays like they have something to prove for the rest of the year, then this win over the Saints is extremely meaningful. It is proof they have their double-check dancing mojo back and have turned their season around. Mike McCarthy would be wise to put a poster of “Screw-Job in Seattle” (closer) in the Green Bay locker room.

If the Packers do win the Super Bowl, their fans should see the “Seattle’s 12th Man Catch” (that’s a keeper) as the wake-up call it really is and not a reason to add whine to their Wisconsin cheese.

Green Bay is 2-2
New Orleans is 0-4

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Photo Credit: Zumapress/Icon SMI