Funny Pages – Justin Bieber pukes and more

The Bieb machine tosses his cookies and other funniness

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From a five hundred dollar slap in the face and the worlds oldest video game, to Mitt Romneys campaign plea to minorities and Justin Bieber blowing chunks all over the stage, it’s time for the funny pages. Featuring videos from the front pages of the webs top sites in comedy.


Dailymotion  – iPad Slap (link)

There’s an App for that. $500, worth it.


Break  – Justin Bieber Vomits Hard On Stage (link)

It ain’t pretty, but as far as Justin Bieber goes, it may just be the best thing he’s ever done.


College Humor – Most Retro Video Game System Ever (link)

The Hardly Working crew sit down to play some old school games.


Dorkly – Smoke's Not Doing Well (link)

The Dangers of Mortal Kombat go far beyond kicks and punches.


UCB Comedy – New York Culture Catalog (link)

New York is a visitors town, and this is how. What are you looking at?!

Funny Or Die – Blacks For Romney (link)

Romney is totes the ghetto candidate.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.


Now go forth and blow chunks, he likes it!

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