The Best of Dinosaur Office

At College Humor, the Dinos are top of the class!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Dinosaur office is one of the few great claymation series on the web. It’s office space with scales. Scales of justice! Actually just envelope scales, and copiers, and cannibalism. Lot’s of cannibalism.



One of my personal favorites, starts with the end.. of everything you know! (which if you haven’t seen this web series before, is absolutely nothing. Congrats)



Craig is oblivious to Shelia’s advances… or she’s really ugly. Hard to tell, cause she’s a dinosaur. I mean when was the last time you fapp’d to a dinosaur chick. I mean that one time, but come on… did you see what she was wearing?



The world of Dino business is beyond cut throat. It’s … eat throat.


Team Building

It’s time to bring up the moral around Dinosaur Office with these simple excerises.


Coffee Run

The worst fate to fall on Dinosaur office since that time that asteroid almost hit it… a coffee shortage. Craig Saves the day with a coffee run.