Meet The World’s Grumpiest Cat

Misery loves cheezburgers.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Most people who adopt cats probably don’t expect them to become famous. I bet Tabatha Bundesen never expected her cat Tard (short for tartar sauce) to “go viral,” unless catching ringworms counts. Thanks to her Redditor brother, Tard is now known around the world as Grumpy Cat:


Life Philosophy

They still smell, though.


How’s It Going?

There is another like you.



Grumpy Cat’s owner is Jesse Ventura.


Cuddle Time!

Aww, you’re cute when you’re ornery.


New Catfood

So… you don’t like the Friskies?



Alright, I’ll give the catnip to another cat. Geez.



To be fair, that didn’t make Star Wars Kid any happier.


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