Funny Pages – Bar Refaeli’s Sex Tape Kickstarter

Bar Refaeli wants you to lay it on, so she can take it off.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Dig deep fellas today’s videos promise you a Bar Refaeli sex tape in pre production, a great way to meet new co-workers, and an epic machine fail.

But let’s start things off with this awesome comedic short that takes place on take your daughter to work day.


Dailymotion  – Take Your Daughter To Work Day – Bomb Squad (link)

This dad is the bomb. Great premise and follow through, loved this short.

I can only hope there’s one of these for deadliest catch and Dog the Bounty hunter.


Break  – Go Home Front loader, You’re Drunk (link)

This is what you get for trying to defy physics. Eat gravity sucker.


College Humor – Ice Breakers (link)

There’s new staff at Jake and Amir, and we get to meet them the only way we know how. With Amir berating their every move.


Funny Or Die – Bar Refaeli's Sex Tape Kickstarter (link)

Model Bar Refaeli takes kickstarter to a new frontier, the wonderful world of sex tapes.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and Kick it up a notch.

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Here’s some bonus fun :