6 More Great Gangnam Style Parodies

Time to get PSYch’d!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

If you’ve been hiding under a rock then maybe you’ve never seen the world’s most famous Korean music video – Gangnam Style. This bizarre, occasionally homoerotic video, has become an insane sensation. We hit a bunch of parodies and mash ups before, but a new batch of awesome parodies have surfaced!


Here’s the Original:


English Translation

Before we move on to the meat of the parodies, let’s check in with ‪BartBaKer for a translation.

100% accurate, I’m pretty sure.


Gandalf Style

The Screen Team, kicks it off with the gorgeous Angie Griffin taking a back sit to the Gray Pilgrim.


Kim Jeong style!

Kim Jeong-un has the best style of all, because he says so.


Pervert Style

Taking it back to it’s origins… things get even crazier.


London Style

The whole world wants to grab a piece of Gangam for themselves.

I’m just glad I still have no idea what’s being said. Though this may be a slightly tamer parody, it stays on track from the original and adds it’s own London Flavor, which is worthy of not… mostly the sexy ladies of London.


Chicago Style

And across the pond to Chicago… not enough hot dogs…


Gunman Style

And possibly the most epic version… cause it’s got this asian guy in a little bitty cowboy hat. Which is awesome.