Interview: Felicia Day on ‘The Guild’ and Gaming Habits

The Guild star talks about the show's sixth season and the games she loves to play between takes.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, The Guild has been the best TV show to focus on video games in ages. And the show isn’t even on traditional TV! Writer/Director/Star Felicia Day was kind enough to answer some questions about her gaming habits just in time for the start of the show’s sixth season. Also, check out the first episode embedded below!

CraveOnline: Let's keep it real, about how many games do you own on Steam?

Felicia Day: Over 50 at least, but I have not completed NEARLY that number.  I have ADD-ism, especially when there's a sale I just buy everything "in case".

Furthermore, if you're like us, and you have hundreds of games, which do you feel most guilty about not playing? Why aren't you playing it right now!

I feel most guilty right now about not having time to play WOW because I know the guild I'm in is probably already all 90 and I'm still stuck on Guild Wars 2 and FTL for the most part.

If you had to choose, would you rather played an unknown indie game or a mega-blockbuster game that millions of people love?

It 100% depends on the game, I don't feel pressure to "keep up" with people, I play the games that really interest me, and that ranges from text adventure indie games to the AAA titles. If I have one hour, I'll go to Jay is Games and pick an Escape the Room game up, and be awesomely happy for the evening.  Or I'll play Skyrim for 150 hours. It's just whatever the game is.

Are you still playing MMOs, and if so, do you feel guilty about how much time they suck away?

I am so busy lately that I kind of treat MMOs more like single-player games, there's no way I can appointment game with my schedule, so I actually enjoy them a lot, because getting a whole zone or questline done and knowing there's SO much more ahead of me is a treat. When I carve out time to game it's because I rationalize that I "deserve it" so I relish every minute of that 2-3 hour session. Secret World is so good I feel guilty about not playing it more because I think more people should know how AWESOME it is. I literally listened to a morse code pattern about 200 times in that game to decipher it for a quest. That is awesome.

Recommend either an old school classic or an overlooked recent game. Why should we give it a second look?

I got Divine Divinity on Steam the other day and that game is so good, why aren't there more games like that?!?!  Also, Fear 3 is kind of old, but the co-op feature where you can split screen and play two different characters that have different abilities but complement each other, that was one of the funnest gaming sessions I've had with my friends in a while.

Are there any big name gaming heavyweights in the new season of the Guild?

We have Mike Morhaime guesting in the first episode, and then 2 more cameos gamers will recognize.  I initially wrote the script with a cameo every episode, but since most game companies are not based in LA, availability became an issue and we had to pair it down.  We also have iJustine and Dodger, two YouTube peeps who have massive gaming cred in our season as well.  

Whether working on set for The Guild or some other project, how do you game while at work?

Mostly I do iPhone games between takes. I'm a huge fan of Ticket to Ride and Elder Signs because they're more complex than say, Tiny Wings or Dubble. Any board game adapted to iOS I'm a fan of, probably because of our show Tabletop.


Are you playing Borderlands 2? If so, what's your class and your favorite side mission?

Of course. I play a Siren. I'm not very far in because I honestly love playing it on Xbox and I bought the PC version for some reason, so I have another copy coming to dig into soon. And those people about to rage comment about how much better PC is for FPS, I get it, but…stuff it.  😛

Will we see any influence from Minecraft in this season of The Guild?

Maybe the idea that you can have a massively popular game and still be indie, that reinforced the more indie direction we went with the scale of "The Game".

Have you been sucked into the vortex that is the Humble Bundles? If so, what was the best indie discovery you've made?

I buy pretty much EVERY humble bundle. Trine 2 was the one that I was awestruck about, I had no idea what it was, and the beauty in that game and the flexibility of the character shifting…it's just lovely and something I recommend to a lot of people, especially newer gamers.

Are you intrigued by crowdfunding? Have you considered using sites like Kickstarter to craft your own game?

I would love to write an adventure game one day, but I wouldn't want to do it until I had the time to 100% devote to making it awesome, so that might be a while now. I do think crowdfunding is allowing amazing games to be made right now, and I support whatever I see that I want to play, which unfortunately is a LOT of projects lately!

You can catch new episodes (and old ones) at The Guild's official website