NFL Streak Freak Or Rebound Bound

Wonder whether it's time to stay calm or loose your shorts? Take a look at football's hot and cold streaks.

B. Redd Reddochby B. Redd Reddoch

After four games, there are three teams with perfect records while two are still winless. 

With a steady run — either wins or losses — fans should consider their team a  “Streak Freak.”

Sometimes expectations should be tempered on a hot streak though, as your team will “Bound Down.”

Or stay calm during a losing streak, knowing things will turn around as your floundering team will “Rebound Bound”.

The only way to find out is to play “Streak Freak, Bound Down or Rebound Bound”!

Atlanta – 4 wins
Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. Cam fumbles. Hail Mary. A Panther defense that goes to sleep for the first time all day. If you win with that much luck, you should be worried moving forward. However, the rest of the NFC South has lost at least 2 straight and continue to stumble.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Arizona – 4 wins
“We’re not the prettiest girl at the dance. We’re like a 4 or a 5, but we dance like an 8,” described Guard Daryn Colledge to the Arizona Republic. That seems spot on. The angry Arizonian birds are flying high, but sooner or later their dancing partner will choose a tempo they can’t keep up with.
Judgment – Bound Down

Baltimore – 2 wins
Have you seen that Visa commercial where the adorable girl asks Ray Lewis adorable questions? Yeah, that’s about the only thing about the Ravens that’s pure manliness.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Carolina – 2 losses
If Cam Newton is going to pose like Superman he needs to stop pouting. No one is afraid of Clark Kent. Luckily for him, they face the Seahawks who are just plain Super Dogs on the road.
Judgment – Rebound Bound

Chicago – 2 wins
Jay Cutler seems to have developed a special bond with Brandon Marshall that few people ever get to experience. It is touching and … deadly. As long as Michael Bush and Matt Forte run as well as they have, the passing game will continue to blossom.
(I’m not giving the defense credit for picking on Tony Romo. It’s anti-bullying month afterall).
Judgment – Streak Freak

Cincinnati – 3 wins
The Bengals might be the quietest 3-1 team around. Of course, they have only played one team with a winning record and they lost (Ravens in week 1). They don’t play a team with a winning record for another 5 weeks. Andy Dalton and Company should be sending the NFL scheduling office edible fruit baskets to say thank you for such an easy first half. Eventually, their mediocre defense will bring them back down to the middle of the pack… but it won’t be for a long time. By then, any shortcomings they may have can be worked on.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Cleveland – 4 losses
The Browns make the Indians look good.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Houston – 4 wins
Until they play poorly, be excited. Only word of caution is that real tests will come soon with the Packers and Ravens.
Judgment – Streak Freak.

Miami – 2 loses
Your quarterback is Ryan Tannehill. The fourth best rookie quarterback. “Hard Knocks” is your highlight for the year.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Minnesota – 2 wins
This is a classic scenario. The fan base is starting to get their hopes up after wins over two of last year’s playoff contenders, the 49ers and Lions. I will remind everyone, they scored no offensive touchdowns against the Lions and relied on turnovers in the waning minutes to eek past San Francisco.
Judgment – Bound Down

New Orleans – 4 losses
I’m sure Saints fans are trying to come up with silver linings from that close loss to the Packers. I got nothing tangible. While the defense is horrible, this is not a winless team. Smart money has them 2-4 soon with victories against the Chargers and the Buccaneers… at the very least they’ll split the two.
Judgment – Rebound Bound

Tampa Bay – 3 Losses
As they teach in “Rounders”, if you look around the poker table after an hour and can’t find the sucker, then it’s probably you. The Bucs have lost three straight to tough opponents with shared expectations. The rub is those three opponents were the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys. If Tampa was going to be good, they would have played better; simple as that. The Bucs sat at the table and couldn’t find a sucker.
Judgment – Streak Freak

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Photo Credit: Ray Carlin/Icon SMI