What Movie Saga Installment Are You Looking Forward to the Most?

The results of our poll are in, and you guys must really like Resident Evil and Taken...

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Last month, CraveOnline asked our readers what new installment of a movie franchise they were looking forward to the most. For those who missed it, shame on you, but the nominees were Paranormal Activity 4 (in theaters October 19), Resident Evil: Retribution (now in theaters), Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (in theaters October 26) and Taken 2 (in theaters October 4).

Now, the poll results are in, and in a surprising turn events the most anticipating new movie sequel is actually a tie: both Resident Evil: Retribution and Taken 2 ran away with 36.23% of the votes. Paranormal Activity 4 came in third (or second, if that's how you want to look at it) with 20.29%, and Silent Hill: Revelation 3D came in dead last with just 7.25% of the votes.

If you want to figure out what happened, we suspect you only have to look at the placement of Silent Hill. Unlike the other sequels on the list, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is being released over six years after the original Silent Hill, which came out in the Spring of 2006. The original movie has its fans, and is considered by many critics to be the best video game movie released thus far (an admittedly small accomplishment), but beyond that it's just not as fresh in the popular consciousness as Paranormal Activity and Resident Evil, which have had a steady string of sequels over the last several years, or Taken, which came out in the United States only three years ago, to both box office success and widespread critical acclaim.

Are any of these films worth the wait? Resident Evil: Retribution was. Our advance review of Paranormal Activity 4 was mostly positive. And we'll be back with a review of Taken 2 tomorrow, and of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D later in the month. Stay tuned!