Spider-Man Superior, Constructicons Inferior?

Marvel dishes out another tidbit, revealing the Amazing Spider-Man team is behind the "Superior" tease.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Amazing Spider-Man #700

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist the Transformers: The Movie reference in the headline. Let me explain what's cookin'.

A little while ago, in Marvel NOW teaser fashion, the House of Ideas dished out the word "SUPERIOR" and said all would be revealed at New York Comic-Con. That's still where we'll get the details, but today, they handed this off to USA Today.

Marvel NOW Superior


Now that's Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giuseppi Camuncoli, and the word "SUPERIOR" now has Spider-Man colors. Ramos and Camuncoli are regular artists on Slott's Amazing Spider-Man, and Stegman was the artist on Chris Yost's Scarlet Spider until recently. This assuages one of my biggest fears – that Marvel NOW would be so gimmicky that it would force Slott off of the title he's been mastering since 2008, and it puts to bed most of the speculation that it had something to do with mutants or Magneto.

Slott has said to Newsarama "In the 20-odd years I've been working in this industry, I have never done something as big to a character as what we're doing to Spider-Man in #700," and that sounds like it would fit the criterion laid out when "SUPERIOR" was announced, that this project would be from the writer behind the most shocking Marvel book of the year. We're on #695 now, by the by, and tension is mounting.

Will this be a completely new/separate Spider-title, or will Amazing be reformatted with a new #1? Or will they let ASM keep the numbering? Marvel's EIC Axel Alonso said this to CBR a while back: "The majority of core titles are involved in this shift, but there is one big title – and I won't say what it is – that will remain with the current creative team because their plans for the immediate future include a massive story hook that legitimizes it being a Marvel NOW! title, without the creative change."

Will Spidey's identity be re-revealed? That seems crazy, given how hard it was to put the cat back in the bag before… and what about Spider-Man will be "superior?" Is he going to go crazy and try to take over the world? WEIRD. But exciting!

A couple other Marvel NOW teasers of note. We told you about the Frank Cho "SAVAGE" thing, which is probably just a Wolverine book, as much as I'd rather have it be about the Savage Land weirdos. There's also this bit of business.

Marvel NOW Amateurs


Current Uncanny X-writer and soon-to-be Iron Man scribe Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie, by the by. What's all this, then? Amateurs? Well, we know the kids from Avengers Academy and Runaways are going to be shoved into Avengers Arena to kill each other off, and maybe that leaves the Young Avengers as rookie heroes – although they've been through enough that they don't feel all that rookie anymore. We did get a teaser for Marvel's Point One issue sporting these same two creators' names that features Kid Loki, the character Gillen has been writing in Journey Into Mystery to rave reviews, getting knocked for a loop by the new Miss America. We did get an initial teaser from way back showing Loki and Miss America with Wiccan from the YA's. Will it be a new YA line-up, or will Wiccan go solo – without his boyfriend Hulkling, even?

We're sure to find out more next week at NYCC, and we'll be shoveling the news your way as we get it.


To close this up, let's see why Soundwave was so superior.