Fox Develops ‘Midnighters’ TV Series

The creators of “Chuck” are behind an adaptation of the sci-fi novel trilogy by Scott Westerfeld.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

A few weeks ago, word broke that Fox is developing a superhero themed show called “Vigilant” with the screenwriter of Chronicle, Max Landis. But apparently “Vigilant” won’t be Fox’s only genre project during the upcoming development season.

According to Deadline, “Chuck” creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz will be adapting Scott Westerfeld’s “Midnighters” sci-fi novel trilogy as a potential TV series.

The first novel in the “Midnighters” trilogy was released in 2004 and followed a young girl named Jessica Day who discovers that she can enter the “Blue Time,” an hour hidden from humanity that takes place in the instant of midnight. Within the Blue Time, Jessica learns that she has superhuman abilities and similarly empowered allies known as Midnighters, who must protect the world from the dangerous creatures that live within the Blue Time.

“Midnighters” has only received a script commitment at this point, with Fedak slated to write the pilot by himself while Schwartz will serve as an executive producer through his production company, Fake Empire alongside Alloy Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television.

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