Podcast Review: Epic PodQuest!

This week we achieve maxium nerd-gasm with Epic PodQuest!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

This week at CRAVE we listened to one of the newest editions to the wave of great geek-centric podcasts that have hit iTunes in the past couple months – Epic Podquest. The rundown is pretty simple a group of guys (Nayt Jones, Justin Skattum, Grant Lahaie, and John Mulhern) got drunk and asked themselves, “Why the hell aren’t we recording this and sharing it with everyone.” And that’s what they did.

This group covers it all –Movies, TV, comics, cool lit, and technology. These dudes have their fingers on the pulse and we’re all the better for it for listening. But why should you, out of all the other podcasts out that cover geek and pop culture listen to this one? Well, we must say, aside from very funny the group actually offers some genuinely profound and great discussion about some may-be-over-looked aspects of geek culture. The show, quite simplistically, breaks down a pop culture idea and ties it into topical discussion. For example, their breakdown of political ads in video games in Episode 003 offers some great contemporary commentary along with material that the die-hard gamer would love. We hope they continue this trend as their hilarious discussion is backed up by the stuff to make you think. In the world of comedy podcasts the one that can get you to listen twice is king.

The Bottom Line: This show is definitely worth a listen. They are interactive with twitter and their fans and the chemistry of this group of guys is something truly great to tune in on.



To listen to the show or suscribe click here for the official website.