6 Awesome Big Bang Theory Parodies!

Celebrate another year of The Big Bang Theory with CRAVE!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Thanks to the magic of the internet and network syndication, one can pretty much watch old episodes of The Big Bang Theory any time they want. But you know what you can't have whenever you want it? NEW EPISODES of The Big Bang Theory. But now that season six is on the air our addiciton is stayed, but we here at CRAVE still have to wait seven whole days between episodes! 

Not to worry though, we've found six hilarious parodies to keep you tided over for the rest of the week until Thursday! 

Take a look:


Belarussian Big Bang Theory:

They just got computers! How do they even get the jokes?


My Litte Big Bang Theory:

And of course, this will have an odd male following that no one knows how it exists. 


Big Bang Theory meets Sherlock: 

Isn't it odd that British nerds solve murders and American nerds just can't seem to get laid?


Psycho Bang Theory:

They're all going to laugh at you, Leonard!


Big Bang Theory: The XXX Parody (SFW)


If you thought sex was fun before, just wait until you add a laughtrack! 


Big Bang Theory with No Laugh Track

With no laughter it seems like the entire cast might commit suicide. 


– Enjoy the Sixth Season!