10 Funny Videos About 2012’s First Presidential Debate

Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama vs. Comedians

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The press declared Mitt Romney the winner of the first Presidential Debate between Romney and President Obama. However, the press is boring. We want to know what comedians on TV and YouTube had to say, and by TV, I don’t mean soon-to-be-eliminated PBS. Here are 10 funny videos about the first Presidential Debate:


SNL’s Presidential Debate

Teachers can’t fix the economy, unless you hire millions of them all at once!


Mitt Clobbers Obama in Taiwanese Animation

Boxing Gloves: Don’t debate without them.


Romney and Obama Tell Jim Lehrer to “Shut The F*** Up”

There are a few issues both candidates agree on.


All of Obama’s Uh’s

Uh… what happened, Mr. President?



The most high-stakes staring match ever.


Kids Watch The Presidential Debates

I’m trying to remember who the Secretary of Cotton Candy is currently.


Presidential Debate 2012

What are their names again?


All The Silences

Poor unfortunate souls… wanting to be President.


Presidential Street Rap Battle

This is the actual Town Hall format this year.


MSNBC Debate Fallout

So, Chris Matthews was… upset?


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