‘Battlefield: Bad Company’ Invades Fox

The EA video game franchise may get a TV adaptation from a former ‘Alias’ screenwriter.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Ever since the end of “24,” Fox has lacked a true action series that could fill the void left behind. But that may soon change.

According to Deadline, Fox is developing Electronic Arts’ video game franchise “Battlefield: Bad Company” as a potential TV series that is described as “an action comedy.”

The original “Battlefield: Bad Company” was released by EA in 2008 and it placed players in the role of Private Preston Marlowe as he and his squad attempted to steal gold from mercenaries in the midst of a war between the U.S. and the Russian Federation. The game was also noted for its use of humor.

The “Battlefield: Bad Company” TV project reportedly follows four main characters from the game as they leave military life behind and join the private sector. But they soon find themselves being targeted by their former commanding officer who wants them out of the way to prevent them from exposing his illegal activities.

Former “Alias” screenwriter and executive producer, John Eisendrath is attached to write the “Battlefield: Bad Company” pilot. Eisendrath previously created the ESPN drama, “Playmakers” and he also served as an executive producer on “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Felicity.”

Sony TV and Happy Madison are producing the “Battlefield: Bad Company” TV project, with Doug Robinson, Patrick Bach and Patrick O’Brien on board as executive producers alongside Eisendrath.

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