Marvel NOW Puts Frank Cho on ‘Savage Wolverine’

The Canucklehead will get a bit of Savage Land flavor by teaming up with Cho's favorite, Shanna The She-Devil.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Savage Wolverine #1

It's long been rumored, and now it's official – Marvel NOW has Frank Cho handling the writing and the art for Savage Wovlerine, which is the new-look Canucklehead in the post-AvX world.

Here's a look at the cover.

Savage Wolverine #1


Now, I'd hoped we might get some Savage Land action going on here, and while I may not get any semblance of the Warbound I enjoy so much, Cho does seem to be bringing in Shanna The She Devil, a character he's fond of drawing.

"Axel Alonso called me up after Avengers vs. X-Men #0 was launched, and asked me if I wanted to work on Wolverine, which is a no-brainer since Wolverine is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe," Cho said. "I asked who the writer was, and Axel replied, 'You are.' I was speechless. So I told him I'll get back to him in couple weeks and see if I had a 'Wolverine story' in me, one that I would like to tell. So I came up with a cool Indiana Jones/Cthulhu type story that I've been toying around with, modified it and turned it into a Wolverine story. Axel loved the story and told me to start working."

"This isn't just a solo Wolverine story. It's actually a team-up story with Shanna the She-Devil," he added, noting that Ka-Zar won't be in it, but other familiar Savage Land faces may be. "Both Wolverine and Shanna have similar assertive personalities. The story is not just a quest to get home; it's a story about surviving each other's company and the Savage Land. I didn't deviate too far from my original take of Shanna from nine years ago. Shanna is still abrasive, scrappy and confident. She knows how to take care of herself. Since Indiana Jones was my main inspiration for this story, I naturally envisioned Shanna as Marion Ravenwood to Wolverine's Indiana Jones."

Cho is promising action, humor and no real need to be up on Logan's backstory to jump on, which is kind of the point of Marvel NOW, one supposes.

“The story takes place in the forbidden area of the Savage Land where an evil ancient god slumbers. Wolverine and others accidently unleash it, while trying to get back home.” he explains. “The story is not just a quest to get home, it's a story about surviving each other's company and the Savage Land…it gets pretty bloody and savage… in a good way”

Here's another look at some of Cho's Wolverine art.


Savage Wolverine