One Direction, One Thing Parodies

Here’s the one thing: 6 great parody videos.  

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

As always, let’s start things off by taking a look at the Original One Direction music vide for One Thing, who themselves are parodying the Beatles, and possibly the Backstreet Boys.

Old Thing

The old geezers at The Key of Awesome find that they have One Direction fever hard. The secrets out on O.D. not, the gay thing, the Backstreet boys thing.


Spider Man Thing

NateWantsToBattle takes the OD in to a Marvelous world, with Gewn Stacy and Peter Parker romping gaily through the streets.


Pony Thing

One for the bronies. FifthPlaceLosers gets all Haaaaaay up in here.


Donut Thing

Dammit I need those donuts now! Hole in one for the boys of briancagua


Insta Thing

jonathancantalk takes on some pretty heavy social commentary with this dark look at a future in which everyone has lives run by social media based photo sharing apps…. Oh wait.


Glove Thing

And the weirdest one of the bunch goes to this parody by ItsRaphaBlueBerry