5 Funny Videos about Mitt Romney & Big Bird

Big Bird and Mitt Romney square off!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

In case you've been living under a rock for the passed week, it was revealed during last week's Presidential Debate that, if elected, Mitt Romney will cut federal subsidies to PBS, which could mean the death of Sesame Street and BIG BIRD! 

But Big Bird don't play like that. Recently, some voters have let thier voices be heard by posting funny videos about the whole debacle on YouTube. And wouldn't you know it? They're actually pretty funny. Regardless of your politcal opinion, you can still take a good joke… right? 

So, to pay tribute the time-honored tradition of politcal manuevering, we bring you 5 Funny Videos of Mitt Romney & Big Bird!

Take a look:


1. Politcal Attack Ad:


Look at that pompous bastard, Tony Danza, if he thinks he's guilty in this he's got anothe thing coming!


2. RomneyBot fires Big Bird:

Alright, we're cool with killing Grover. But Mr. Rogers? Not cool. 


3. Blame Big Bird!

Fozzie was actually a stump speaker for Joh McCain in 2008. 


4. Conan's Big Bird Video!

Not Real: Mormons believe airplanes are a sin. 


5. Big Bird on SNL!

Now how can you not love this guy?



Header Image: Gage Skidmore