Luis Suarez and Football’s 5 Biggest Divers

Suarez isn't the only footballer prone to theatrics.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Luis Suarez's dive against Stoke (which you can watch below) has once again highlighted the quite obvious fact that no one likes a cheater. Unless you're a Liverpool fan, in which case you kind of have to like a cheater because he's your club's top scorer.

Here are the 5 biggest divers in football.



At this point it's debatable whether Suarez's own mother could find it in her heart to tolerate him.



Although he has turned it down a notch in recent times, Cristiano Ronaldo will always be remembered as footballs' answer to Superman: when danger is near, his feet don't touch the ground.



Ever wanted to watch an adult multi-millionaire pretend to cry? Today's your lucky day.



Busquets' vigorous rubbing of his scalp in this clip leads me to believe that he has actually been knocked down by particularly volatile headlice.



These foreigners and their theatrics, why can't they be more like us English, with our pride and good sportsmanship… oh.

Photo: Getty Images