Funny Pages – Chicks on Gators

These videos are hand snapping good!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From the most epic beer run and a horrible bike fail down a mountain, to some really eye opening videos; Katy Perry Parodies, Girls on Gators, and the world’s best and most awkward music video of all time. Check out all these great videos today on the funny pages, gathering the best viral videos from the top sites in comedy.


Dailymotion  – Beer Run (link)

I don’t care what they say, this man is a hero!


Break  – When Bikes Go Up, They Must Come Down (link)

Thank you GoPro, Thank you physics.


College Humor – I'm Not Awake (Katy Perry parody) (link)

Neither am I.


Podpocalypse – BADASS: Bikini Girl Amber Kisses A Gator (SFW) (link)

A hot chick in a bikini laying down on an alligator? What could go wrong!? Apparently nothing… but damn that’s a nail biter.


Funny Or Die – Let's Go (link)

Matt and Kim create all the awkward pictures on the internet.

FYI that was fantastic.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and be awkward.

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