How Storm Got Her Mohawk Back

Psylocke's new-look X-Force also incorporates some old looks - and Storm's got some issues.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Uncanny X-Force #1

We've only been teased about the new Uncanny X-Force before, but now we've got the new cover to show you.

So, we know Psylocke's been going through some Shadow King hell in current issues of Uncanny X-Force, and in the post-Marvel NOW world, she looks like she's going to try to make her own X-Force, and do it right this time. It seems Storm is doing the same thing over in Brian Wood's X-Men, kinda sorta, so she'll be a natural fit. Especially now that Wakanda, the country of which she became queen, now considers her persona non grata to the point where her marriage to T'Challa has been declared null and void, thanks to her siding with Scotty Jive and the Phoenix Five for too long in Avengers vs. X-Men.

So it makes sense that she might need a change. And there's no better change than a drastic new haircut. For Ororo Munroe, though, what's old is now new again. She's going back to the badass mohawk that helped make her famous back in the '80s.

Also of note are Spiral and Puck, both out of their traditional looks and looking all cool and badass. Hell, Puck kinda looks like he's wearing the Grant Morrison X-Leather that's been shrunk in the wash. Then there's the apparent Lady Fantomex, who is most likely EVA taking up the clothes of the guy for whom she was once a spaceship/nervous system. Again, Morrison.

So what does Sam Humphries have to say about all this new iteration of Uncanny X-Force?

"You'll see a very proactive team in Uncanny X-Force, but whether or not they have the same mandate and goals as the previous X-Force remains to be seen," Humphries told Newsarama. "I wouldn't advise that anyone get too comfortable."


Uncanny X-Force #1