Top 10 Montreal Poutine Places

Montreal is known for poutine- here's where to get the best.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

La Belle Province

A greasy spoon chain that is notorious for late-night cheap eats, their poutine is classic, with greasy fries (with the skin still on), perfectly squeaky curds, and a rich delicious gravy.

Frite Alors

With 13 locations across the province, this Belgian-style fry resto has a whole slew of yummy versions of poutine, like the "L'eau à la Bush" with steak, onions, and mushrooms or "La cochonne," which comes with pork fat and grilled onions.


A Quebecois mainstay for decades, Lafleur has got it all, from steamy hot dogs (all dressed, of course) to traditional-style poutine, the perfect way to warm up on a chilly winter's day.

Au Pied du Couchon

A more distinguished twist on poutine, the French fries here are made in duck fat, given them a distinct robust taste – smother them in cheese and gravy and you have one helluva poutine!

Patati Patata

The perfect hotspot on a late night after hitting the bars and supperclubs on The Main, Patati's poutine is a local fave – just get in line quickly or you'll have to wait for your perfect poutine.

Resto La Banquise

Open 24 hours a day, poutine is always a bestseller at La Banquise. Open since 1968, this haunt is often voted the best poutine in the whole city.

Montreal Pool Room

While the pool tables were removed from this diner years ago, people still love frequenting this place for its oversized dishes of hot dogs and burgers, and, of course, fries and poutine.

Montreal Poutine

An Old Montreal fixture, this may be one of the few places to get a great poutine in this part of the city.

Garde Mange

Celeb chef Chuck Hughes put his spin on this classic Quebec dish by creating a mouthwatering poutine with succulent pieces of lobster (it's the dish that won him Iron Chef!).