Alex Cross: Red Carpet Premiere [Exclusive Video]

Tyler Perry, Rob Cohen, and more talk about their new thriller, the Monster Squad remake and their favorite Madea movies.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


"'Find me a black xXx,' he said. I said, 'Okay, done!'"

Tyler Perry stars as Alex Cross in, fittingly enough, Alex Cross, the latest film in the franchise inspired by James Patterson's detective novels. CraveOnline attended the red carpet premiere in Hollywood, California to talk to Perry, director Rob Cohen, screenwriter Kerry Williamson and co-stars Yara Shahidi, Sayeed Shahidi, Chad Lindberg and Simenona Martinez about their roles in the film, the unusual casting of Perry as an action star and their favorite Madea movies. Which Madea film had the most votes? You can only find out in our exclusive video, also featuring actors Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite) and Brian White (The Cabin in the Woods).

We also got a chance to talk to director Rob Cohen about Monster Squad, his long-gestating remake of the original Fred Dekker horror comedy he produced back in 1987. Starting at 3:59 on the video, Cohen reveals his plans to involve Dekker in the reboot. "There's always a place for Fred," Rob Cohen says. "I would make him [an] exec producer."

As for whether they intend to go back to Shane Black's first screenplay for the film, which included action sequences that could not be filmed on the original production's budget, Cohen stated, "We looked at that, and we tried to guide it into a little more 2013 kind of place. But the fact is it was one of the favorite movies I ever produced."