Game Sequels We Actually Want

Burnt out on sequels? Well here are a few we'd gladly take. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


It’s no secret that the video game industry is built upon franchises, and thus, sequels. Every year we see boatloads of new games released, yet it’s far more likely we’ll see sequels to tried-and-true franchises than brand new IPs. It’s the unfortunate rut our industry is stuck in at the moment. However, there are a few sequels that we’d actually welcome with open arms. We might be burnt out on yearly Call of Dutys, but the below titles represent game worlds we’re dying to reenter.

Mirror’s Edge


DICE’s Mirror’s Edge has become something of a cult classic. The game received lukewarm reviews when it released in 2008, yet a sequel is one of the most requested titles by gamers, hardcore fans or otherwise. Unfortunately, DICE has been busy developing Battlefield titles for EA, and that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

In this writer’s opinion, Mirror’s Edge caught on because it was something completely different as far as first-person “shooters” are concerned. In Mirror’s Edge, you were actually conditioned to avoid firefights when possible and instead maneuver past hairy scenarios using your parkour skills. It’s was a gameplay design pulled off brilliantly by DICE, yet hasn’t been replicated since. And in a industry where military shooters are the norm, a game that pushes you to avoid conflict is a breath of fresh air we want to (re)experience.



People Can Fly and Epic Games’ Bulletstorm made first-person shooters fun again. Between the over-the-top personalities of the game’s cast and the rewarding “Kill with Skill” point system, Bulletstorm was like no other FPS on the market in 2011. Unfortunately, the game didn’t perform that well in the sales department, meaning we’re probably never going to get a sequel to answer the questions left by the original game’s cliffhanger. Bummer.

Half-Life 3


This one’s a bit obvious, isn’t it? Half-Life 2, like the original before it, changed how we look at the first-person shooter genre. But even with HL2’s cliffhanger ending (let alone the following two episodes), we’re still yet to see a proper sequel some eight years later. If there was ever a FPS to come down and save us from the monotony of military shooters, this is surely the one. Sadly, we’re still waiting on Valve to kick development on Half-Life 3 into high gear, which is a bit of a catch-22 considering it means we’ll have to wait on more Portal goodness. That’s a good ol’ first world problem if we’ve ever heard one.

Psychonauts 2


Here’s a game we featured on our “Sequels That Will Never Happen” list back in August. But that doesn’t change the fact that a Psychonauts 2 would be one of our most sought after games. The original Double Fine classic had an amazing story, memorable characters and some truly ingenious gameplay and level design (the Milk Man!). We want to see Double Fine tap back into that creative well and pump out a Psychonauts 2 instead of the smaller, downloadable titles they’re currently working hard on – which are still good by the way. Make it so!