This is REALLY Happening! #73

This guy's underwear is DOOOMED

Sax Carrby Sax Carr


We're back, and with four good eyes!  Or eight, since we both wear glasses.

Check out stories that hit your right in the colon:  Come for the stories about Florida, and stay for the stupid criminals, bodily functions, and poor choices. The news of the doomed is back  with everything from Chinese doctors removing an 8 inch… something… from a patient, and how NOT to avoid the police. Something smells funny in the world, and we noticed!  And we're telling the story. It's all DOOMED, here on TIRH.

Keep it tuned to for more of the internet’s most  Schadenfreude-iest show!

As always, you can leave YOUR news of the doomed on the Powers/Carr hotline:  865-4-TIM-SAX.All this and more here on TIRH only on (also iTunes) 


WARNING This Show Contains Adult Humor  WARNING
WARNING This Episode Contains Adult Humor WARNING

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Keep your head up and eyes wide folks, its a crazy world out there!


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