Have a High Resolution, Awesome Grand Theft Auto V Image

Print it out and frame it.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Grand Theft Auto V

It's that season again, folks. A time when we all come together and collectively dream about the same thing.

Visions of sugar plums? Not so much. We're all having visions of plowing through a hot dog cart at top speed, fishtailing into a cop car and kicking off a chain of wanted levels that will eventually lead to an army of tanks.

Ah yes, it's time to start talking considerably about Grand Theft Auto V. In our internet adventures, we stumbled up an exceptionally high resolution version of an upcoming poster for the game.

Without comment, aside from what we commented on above, here's the image. Click for the full version and send it to your nearest printing shop.

Grand Theft Auto V

[via Reddit]