Matthew Vaughn Left X-Men for Star Wars: Episode VII?

The rumors have started and we're hearing that the director of Kick-Ass may be Disney's #1 pick to helm the new trilogy.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

We've got a good feeling about this…

If you have access to the internet, you've probably heard that Disney has the rights to Star Wars, and it appears that they're wasting no time getting Episode VII into production. The announcement of the seventh (official, not counting animated adventures and Ewok spin-offs) film in the franchise was part of the initial press release, and while no talent was attached, we've heard that writers have been spoken to and that the House of Mouse is pursuing an all-new story in the series, not an adaptation of the nearly countless "expanded universe" storylines. What we haven't heard, and what we expect to hear countless rumors about in the months to follow – unless Disney officially locks someone down very quickly – is who will direct Star Wars: Episode VII – Insert Title Here.

That all changed with Collider's story, which they acknowledge as rumor (for the moment) but seem quite confident about regardless, that X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn is in the running to take over at least the first installment of the new trilogy. It may even be the main reason why he left the director's chair of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and why original X-Men director Bryan Singer has been brought on to replace him on the superhero sequel.

Collider attempted to receive multiple confirmations of the story but were unable to get anyone to speak on the record, but they're not in the habit of reporting the usual internet silliness. It sounds plausible to us. Vaughn has proved himself capable of handling genre material with equal parts drama, action and humor. If X-Men: First Class or Kick-Ass don't encourage you, CraveOnline invites you to take another look at Vaughn's earlier fantasy film Stardust, an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel that seems in line with the Star Wars aesthetic: good old-fashioned adventuring, a colorful cast of characters, the perpetual discovery of new worlds and ideas, and a somewhat old-fashioned tone attached to a newfangled fantasy tale. Disney could certainly do a lot worse than Vaughn.

We expect Disney is hard at work fast-tracking the new Star Wars trilogy. We hope they don't rush it too much, and that they allow the film to develop enough to be worth the billions of dollars they spent acquiring the property. But assigning a creative talent to help guide that process would be a wise move.

What do you think? Would Matthew Vaughn be the right choice for the new Star Wars trilogy? Let us know in the comments below.

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