HAWAII FIVE-0 3.05 ‘Mohai’ (‘Offering’)

A ritualistic killer prepares to make a Halloween sacrifice with the help of an unlikely accomplice.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: 'Mohai' ('Offering')

Writer: David Wolkove

Director: Jerry Levine

Previously on "Hawaii Five-0"

Episode 3.04 "Popilikia" ("Misfortune")


It may be November, but it's still Halloween in Hawaii due to the pre-empting of this holiday themed episode last week. And better late than never for some H50 Halloween hi-jinks.

The episode opens with McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Catherine (Michelle Borth) watching a movie on the couch. If it ain't broke don't fix it. This seems to be McGarrett's approach to dating as he's still using the same VHS copy of Child's Play to put the moves on the ladies. It's nice to see this side of McG from time to time, though I could have done without the side story about Danno (Scott Caan) getting ditched by his kid on Halloween.

According to Whodini, "the freaks come out at night" and this is doubly so on Halloween. 5-0 is tasked with solving the case of a young nurse named Lisa Heller, who went missing after she was involved in a hit and run accident. Of course, we know exactly where she is as we see a man wearing a welding mask take to her with power tools.

But once the grisly killing is out the way, the fun really begins. When the team finds the woman's purse in an alley and Kono (Grace Park) gets spooked by a cat in a dumpster. But there's actually a body in there and it's Lisa's. Now that we've got a body, we get to spend a little time with Max (Masi Oka) who decided to dress up like Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (not to be confused with another movie about two righteous dudes, Wayne's World, as Danny did.) On that note, I'd much rather follow Max to a Halloween party than listen to Danny's absentee father woes. At first Max's character seemed out of place, but now it's hard to imagine the show without him.

The case may have been gruesome but "Mohai" was definitely one of the funniest episodes of 5-0 to date. When the team learns that the hair found in Lisa's car belonged to a goat and that she used for a ritualistic sacrifice, Danny suggests she was killed by a goat. And he was right. Sort of.

Video shows the young woman at a Halloween party dancing with a man dressed like Dracula. Danny and McGarrett immediately suspect he's the killer. Jesse, the guy who hosted the party and shot the video, identifies the man as Lucas Hayes aka "the Chuck Norris of Biddy Slayers." Definitely one of the greatest lines ever delivered on this show. Jesse would have made a great "Bill" to Max's "Ted."

He might be a lady killer, but according to Jesse, Lucas is totally harmless. But the video also show's another partygoer with his eye on Lisa – and he's dressed like a nightmarish goat! When the team learns that Lucas is missing, they suspect he's become the killer's latest victim.

5-0 focuses on Seth Tilton, a young man who was once accused of killing a couple of boars and was nearly committed to a psych ward. Luckily for Seth (but not for Lisa and Lucas), his grandmother intervened to keep him out.

In a slight homage to Psycho, we see Seth at home with his grandmother (played by Lee Meriwether, the original Lily Munster). At first it appears she's unaware of the horrors he's committing in the basement, but when Lucas manages to escape from his cage, granny (who's in a wheelchair!) stabs him with a knife. When Seth gets home, she tells him she's tired of cleaning up his messes.

The thing about holiday episodes is they tend to be either sappy, silly or both. "Mohai" was definitely both. Unfortunately, the sap was kind of pointless as it focused on Danny's relationship with his kid; which I don't think too many of us are invested in. The silly, however, was fantastic.

And by "fantastic" I mean grandma faking a cardiac arrest to shoot a cop after she's taken into custody. Granny tells McGarrett she doesn't want to lose her grandson, but eventually gives up his location. But once she's shoved into the back of a patrol car, she starts breathing heavily. When the officer tries to attend to her, she grabs his gun and shoots him, before shooting herself. Damn, that's one ride or die grandmother, right there.

Eventually, 5-0 catches up with Seth, just as he's about to sacrifice Lucas on a makeshift mountainside alter. He's shot dead before he can plunge a knife into his victim and McGarrett gets to go home and finish watching Child's Play with Catherine. But Danny and his daughter soon crash the party and Catherine suggests they watch an even scarier movie – The Notebook.

"Mohai" might have been light on action, but it was an excellent Halloween episode. The opening scene featuring the cult classic '80s horror flick was a definite hint that we were in for a case that would be both scary and silly at the same time. And that it was. In the words of Ted Theodore Logan, "Mohai" was "most excellent."