The New Trailer for ‘The Last Stand’ Kind of Rocks

The second preview of Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback film reveals the action movie's funnier side.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

"Some smartass is flying a jet plane around out here with no lights on."

We'll be honest, when we first heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger's big comeback movie was The Last Stand, a relatively low budget action movie about a border town sheriff fighting off a drug czar fleeing to Mexico, that was coming out in January no less, we were skeptical. Then the first trailer came out and it looked… just okay. Pretty straightforward, really. Bordering on generic. We want the best from our Schwarzenegger movies, but our hopes were pretty dim. 

Now… not so much. The second trailer for The Last Stand, released today, is an entirely different animal. It still looks low budget, but now it has the kind of funny, freewheeling personality we'd expect from director Kim Jee-woon, the director of the absolutely manic (and fantastic) The Good, The Bad and The Weird. The action appears to be taken seriously, while the world surrounding it features off-kilter characters and attitudes that make The Last Stand feel like a very different kind of Schwarzenegger joint. If nothing else, Luis Guzman wields a broadsword. Yeah, we'd pay to see that, even if the movie doesn't turn out as good as this, the final trailer, makes it look.

The Last Stand premieres in theaters nationwide on January 18, 2013.