Watch the Most Violent Kids Football Tournament Ever

[VIDEO] A competition for youngsters turns ugly.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

When I was in school the only two things you had to worry about when having a kick-around was the fear that you would be picked last for the team, and the possibility that you'd mishit the ball and accidentally send it hurtling through the window of the staff room (this worry was eventually realised and the teachers promptly replaced our footballs with these odd sponge spheres, that did nothing but leave a muddied imprint on their precious window). In Iceland, however, football seems to come with a few extra worries for kids than it does in England.

This Icelandic junior indoor football tournament features the kind of punching, kicking and grappling that would warrant a 4-game ban and an insincere apology on Twitter if it happened in the Premier League. It's uncertain why the Icelandic youth are such vicious little bastards. Maybe it's something to do with their progressive stance on gender equality, economic stability or delicious local cuisine. If that's the case then they should come to England, where domestic violence is at an all time high, everybody's poor and our national dish is fish and f***ing chips.