Phil Jackson 95% New Lakers Coach? More Like 0% Chance.

To everyone’s surprise and horror, the Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni early Monday. Read why it could be a horrible mistake.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Phil Jackson 95% New Lakers Coach? More Like 0% Chance.

The rumor mill has been running wild ever since the Los Angeles Lakers fired Mike Brown last week as to who would be the new Los Angeles Lakers’ coach. The first name that popped up was predictably Phil Jackson. The LA Times reported Saturday that Lakers management was meeting with Jackson this weekend and that a deal was 95 percent done.

Unfortunately, the rumor mill was horribly and tragically wrong. The Lakers chose Mike D’Antoni as their new head coach and sealed their own doom on the 2012 season. D’Antoni is the perfectly wrong coach for this team. He is incapable of winning the big games, poor at managing massive egos, has the wrong offensive system for the existing Lakers personnel, and has a track record of producing teams that play atrocious defense.

This is not the recipe for success.

Jackson would have been the perfect coach for this Lakers team for a number of reasons. The most obvious one is that he knows how to manage big egos and even bigger expectations in order to deliver. He is also respected by Lakers management, players, and most importantly Kobe Bryant.

Did we fail to mention the fans love him? During LA’s win over Golden State Friday, fans could he heard chanting “Phil Jackson.” Enough said. Everyone wants Phil.

“The one thing that’s kind of always bothered me is that in his last year I wasn’t able to give him my normal self,” Bryant said Friday night. “I was playing on one leg and that’s kind of always eaten away at me. The last year of his career I wasn’t able to give him all I had. He’s too great of a coach to have it go out that way. That’s my personal sentiment.”

Even Dwight Howard publicly blessed the deal. “I think it would be great,” Howard told The Times. “He’s a guy I could learn a lot from.”

Although Jackson would have been the perfect fit, he apparently asked for too much from the Lakers management. It is reported Jackson didn’t want to travel with the team on the road and wanted partial ownership of the Lakers. This was too much for Jerry Buss to swallow.

Unfortunately, this means Buss will now have to swallow watching his Lakers struggle through an entire season that will not end in a championship.

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