Get Ready For More Lleyton Hewitt In 2013, The Ex-Champ Won’t Say Goodbye

Plus Djokovic finishes 2012 as the world No.1.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

You haven’t seen the last of Lleyton Hewitt, in case you were wondering. The aging former tennis star has decided for one more go around in 2013, beginning with his home soil Australian Open in January.

In fact, Hewitt may play the 2014 Aussie Open as well.

"I'm definitely playing all next year. And I can't see myself stopping at the Paris indoors (next November) with the Australian Open only a couple of months later," Hewitt said Tuesday.

There were seemingly more painful moments for Hewitt this year than not, but in the end the former world No.1 was able to scrape his way down to the 80th ranked player in the world, 82 as of yesterday, after falling as low as 205 in June. It was the first time Hewitt managed a top 100 ranking in a year, which was roughly about the same time the former champ was crippled by a severe toe injury .

2012 was a comeback of sorts for Hewitt, but playing still brought pain in that surgically repaired toe. Still, as the year progressed he too improved and even now Hewitt’s warrior mentality won’t let him walk away just yet, especially when there are still wins to be had.

Rather than walk away from the game gracefully as the 30-year-old Andy Roddick did this year on his home court American Open in August, Hewitt seems hell bent of defying the odds and proving he’s still capable. But the real question is should he even bother? It has been six years since he was a top 10 player and nine since being ranked world No.1. When he hits the court for January’s Australian Open, roughly a year after making his true comeback from the toe surgery, our answer should then become a little more apparent.

In more important tennis news, Novak Djokovic withstood a blazing Roger Federer in the ATP Tour Finals championship match to take out the prestigious season-ending event and finished as the world’s No.1 for the second year running.

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