Cheeseheads the web series

The Cheesiest NFL Webseries

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Last week we introduced you to Angela Fornero on the Comedy Crack podcast, and now we present the first season of her web series ‘Cheeseheads’. It follows a cute couple that are displaced Green Bay Packers fans living in Los Angeles far away from the love of Lambeau field.


Check out these eight episodes that make up the first season. But don’t worry it’s not for Packers fans only. Hell it’s not even just for football fans, anyone can enjoy this wacky couple and their love of the game. 


The Cheeseheads Episode 1: Wins vs. Losses

It all starts with a cheesy explosion.


The Cheeseheads Episode 2: Lambeau Field

Creating the home, home-field advantage


The Cheeseheads Episode 3: They Meet

How the cheesy magic all started.


The Cheeseheads Episode 4: Unnecessary Roughness


The Cheeseheads Episode 5: Interference

Worse than a Bears rivalry, is the short girl rivalry.


The Cheeseheads Episode 6: They Get Married

Before they threw their first pass, Daisy threw her banquette.


The Cheeseheads Episode 7: Off-Season

When game season ends, our cheeseheads have to do nearly anything to keep the sadness out of their minds. Even befriend the enemy!


The Cheeseheads Episode 8: In the Sack (SEASON FINALE!)

And your reward for watching the season… OMG Daisy has a cheese bra!

And don’t worry folks, even though the first season is over, you can still catch this displaced duo every week doing pregame forecasts and post game reviews on youtube – and if you love the packers, you can submit a picture and possibly find yourself on their daily cheeseheads tumblr.