HAWAII FIVE-0 3.06 ‘I Ka Wa Mamua’ (‘In a Time Past’)

Danny recalls his past when a terrorist plot puts his life on the line.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: "I Ka Wa Mamua" ("In a Time Past")

Writer: Ken Solarz

Director: Sylvain White

Previously on "Hawaii Five-0"

Episode 3.05 "Mohai" ("Offering")


Well, that was intense. This was another one of those "5-0" episodes that felt more like a big budget action flick than an hour-long cop show. We got not one but two bomb plots, a Danno back story, and a bunch of fun, random guest stars including T.I, Terrence Howard, Sydney Poitier's daughter and pseudo-Kardashian, Kendall Jenner.

The hour opened up with a flashback to Danny's Jersey days circa 2001, as he and his partner (Sydney Tamiia Poitier) face off against a couple of drug dealers played by Tip "T.I" Harris and Terrence Howard in a slaughterhouse. After Danny (Scott Caan) gets a nasty pistol whipping, we return to the present day Hawaii where Danny and McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) chase down a perp only to find he's strapped with explosives.

Action-wise, this episode was excellent. "5-0" is known for its great chase scenes and shoot outs but there's nothing like watching a guy in a Buzz Lightyear costume try to diffuse a couple of six-packs of C-4 to get your heart racing.

McGarrett tries to calm Danny down while the bomb tech snips away by having him relive another time he nearly died in the line of duty. Flashing back again to 2001, Danny watches as the two drug thugs kill his partner. And what was her name? Grace. It all kind of ties in nicely with the father-daughter dance subplot as Danny stresses all day about showing up for his daughter while trying to stop a massive terrorist plot.

When they hear the wail of sirens, the men get spooked and Danny knocks one of them out by hitting him with the chair he's tied to. But when he races outside to flag down the police, they pass him by. The smoke rising in the distance tells us why; it's 9/11. The reveal makes Danny's somewhat random car speech about his daughter having to live in a world where she can't get on a plane without getting groped by security a little more meaningful.

This may have been one of the heavier episodes but "5-0" didn't completely lose its sense of humor. A few chuckles follow below:

Timeline: "A Tween boutique." And not just any "tween boutique;" this one's run by a Kardashian, sort of.

"Chewbacca chest." Danny's got one.

In case you were wondering, Catherine drives a vintage blue Stingray. But does she let McGarrett drive it?

Speaking of driving, looks like Danny didn't get to drive his own car back in New Jersey, either.

And speaking of New Jersey, we know it's not Hawaii, but Danny's old police station looked like a set from "The Walking Dead."

The awesome bomb detection robot is operated with a Playstation controller.

If you weren't expecting the "9/11" connection at the end of this episode, you weren't alone. But that's not to say it didn't work. Subplots involving Danny's daughter tend to feel pointless, but framed inside this harrowing flashback, there was definite meaning there. McGarrett's unwillingness to leave his friend when even the bomb tech had doubts about pulling it off was a classic bromance moment. And amid the team's race to take down a terrorist cell, we still had a few well-timed and occasionally unintentional laughs. Indeed, this episode was da bomb. Yea, I said it.