Jets’ Ryan Calls Anonymous Tebow Bashers “Cowards”

The feisty Jets coach reminds the media about his plans for the polarizing backup QB.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With the New York Jets going nowhere fast, mainly because of an ineffective offense led by quarterback Mark Sanchez who sports a league low 52 percent completion rate and league high four red-zone interceptions, the buzz among Jets fans and even the media is for it to be 'Tebow-Time”. This constantly increasing pressure to put fan favorite Tim Tebow in to replace Sanchez has led for numerous Jets players and coaches to speak their mind on the subject.

Under the veil of anonymity, these people have been unified in their dismissal of Tebow's ability to play the quarterback position. With the common cry of “he's terrible”, these unknown Jets personnel and players have taken to the media to sport their opinion, something that head coach Rex Ryan isn't happy about.

"I think it's a cowardly thing if you're not going to put your name to it," Ryan said during his Wednesday press conference. "That's about as cowardly of a thing as there is."

Ryan went on to say that he discussed the issue with his team and that as far as he's concerned there is no controversy because Sanchez is the starting quarterback. In fact, Ryan went so far as to say that Tebow as a starter has not ever been an option.

"We never brought him in here to be the starting quarterback," Ryan said. "We already have a starting quarterback in Mark Sanchez. I thought I was clear on that from the day we brought Tim in here.

"What we also were clear on is he's a football player, and we have used him different roles. That'll still be part of what we do."

When asked if this story would only widen the division in the locker-room, Ryan scoffed at that, saying that this issue might actually work in the Jets favor.

"If I'm going to be judged on 'Will this team come together or not,' that's fine with me," Ryan said. "I'll be here a long time. Will it be 100% total belief in this guy and everybody? I don't know if that holds water in the entire league."

On the year to date, Tebow has participated in 65 snaps, completing five of six passes for 40 yards and has ran the ball 27 times for 92 yards.

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