ABC Cancels ‘Last Resort’

Shawn Ryan promises a “kick-ass ending” as the promising submarine drama comes to a premature close.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

The Colorado has been sunk.

ABC has officially cancelled “Last Resort,” the critically acclaimed submarine drama from Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”). “Last Resort” failed to catch on with viewers on Thursday nights at 8PM on ABC; which is a highly competitive time slot that has sent many ABC dramas to their graves.

“Last Resort” will cease production after 13 episodes despite ABC recently ordering two additional scripts. As part of the announcement, ABC noted that all 13 episodes of “Last Resort” will air in the intended order.

On twitter, Ryan wrote a brief note confirming the cancellation of “Last Resort”: “News is true. No Back 9 for #LastResort. We will film and and air all 13 episodes. We're going to give you no-holds barred kick-ass ending.”

“666 Park Avenue” was also canceled by ABC; meaning that the series will also wrap after 13 episodes. Of ABC’s fall 2012 series, only “Nashville” and “The Neighbors” have been given full seasons.

Despite the quick wrap up of “Last Resort,” Ryan will probably not be out of television for very long. He is currently writing the script for a “Beverly Hills Cop” pilot at CBS and he also revealed that he is talking with HBO about another new project.

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