5 Funny Sketches By The Kloons

See the hidden darkness of Google, game nights and yoga studios.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If you’re a middle class white person, age 25-35, living in a city, you might think your life is normal. Good thing YouTube sketch comedy group The Kloons knows better. Many of their sketches explore the strange aspects of tech, dating and the World o’ Whiteness. Here are 5 comedy sketches by The Kloons:


Google House View (Beta)

“Ok” or… “Ok?” Uh… okay?



If you’re gonna date, do yourself a favor and know how to time travel.


Yoga Thoughts

To be fair, they were doing the Farting Crane pose.


Game Night

Even Monopoly would have gone better than this.


Did You Just Check Her Out?

The solution: horse blinders for humans.


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