GRIMM 2.12 ‘Season of the Hexenbiest’

Adalind puts Renard in a bind and drives Juliette further away from Nick.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: "Season of Hexenbiest"

Writer: Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt

Director: Karen Gaviola

Previously on "Grimm":

Episode 2.11 " To Protect and Serve"


The fall finale of "Grimm" had quite a messy storyline to deal with. Though it didn't really resolve anything, we finally "got there" with a couple of lost connections, setting up an anticipated mid-season return.

The situation in Portland has been in a "holding pattern" for some time, as Nick (David Giuntoli) describes it to Renard (Sasha Roiz). Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) still can't get in touch with her forgotten feelings for Nick and though he's been patient (seeing as her condition is kinda his fault), Nick's grown tired of sleeping on the couch.

Desperate to untangle himself from Juliette, and avoid getting found out by Nick, Renard took her to Rosalee's Monroe's spice shop where he made out with her in front of Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell). Now, we're to believe Renard and Monroe don't know each other though they've come pretty close to a run-in before at the police station. At any rate, the visit didn't go so well as Juliette high-tailed it out of there the minute she saw Monroe. Now Renard is left holding the bag and to make matters worse, crazy cat lady Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee) is back in town and she wants the key "or else."

Things get cute when both Monroe and Juliette call Nick, "needing to talk" while Renard questions Nick about Juliette. Nick wisely choses to meet with Monroe first, who after downing a bottle of craft beer, tells him about the other guy. When Nick presses Monroe for more info, he slinks out of it with a little bit of word play, telling Nick "I don't know anything more than what I haven't told you."

Of course, we're pretty sure Monroe has seen Renard before, but that doesn't matter, as Nick later tells Juliette he doesn't want to know who the other man is. It's a frustrating moment as we've been waiting a season and a half seasons for Nick to learn the truth about Renard. So what's another thirty minutes?

Only complicating things is the return of Adalind. While in town, she drops by Hank's place, bearing cleavage this time instead of cookies. Now that he's in the know, Hank (Russell Hornsby) didn't fall for it. But again, it didn't matter as he's attacked by two Wesen enforcers, afterwards.

The attack on Hank felt a bit pointless. If it was done to shake Nick up, well he's already pretty torn up over Juliette. And Renard's got bigger concerns than Hank's wellbeing, as he's about to be exposed by the royal family. If anything, it felt like Hank was put out of action so he wouldn't have to be given something to do.

After shaking Hank up, Adalind somehow gets Juliette to agree to have coffee, excuse me, tea with her where they discuss things like coma-causing cat bites, murdered moms and Aunt Marie's trailer. Juliette doesn't find it odd that Adalind is so curious about the trailer nor does she question her about what the hell is up with her cat. I'm fine with "Grimm" asking us to suspend our disbelief, but not our logic.

As a villain, Adalind is pretty scary in that psycho "overly-attached girlfriend" kinda way. However, right now she's all about getting the key from Nick and is willing to manipulate anyone close to him in order to do so. She cleverly gets herself arrested by letting Nick know about her date with Juliette. While in custody, she tips Renard off to the location of the trailer. Meanwhile, Monroe decides it's time to let Nick in on who Juliette is making goo-goo eyes at. His surprise over the fact that Nick actually knows the Captain of the Portland PD is well, surprising.

Adalind's return was necessary to properly bring this whole bizarre love triangle to a close and it was fun watching her press everyone's buttons in this episode. We also saw a shift in Nick's approach to the situation, as he appears to have given up on trying to protect Juliette, who's upset with him for arresting Adalind. "Season of the Hexenbiest" accomplished everything it needed to. At least the minimum. The Renard reveal was a long time coming and Adalind's getting closer to finding out who killed her mother. And as expected, the episode ends with a mild cliffhanger (though I don't think the "sorry" after "to be continued" was really necessary) as we see Renard in front of the trailer. And with that, there's definitely some interesting places for "Grimm" to go upon it's return.