Jonathan Banks Pulls Real-Life ‘Rocky’

After losing his trainer, the boxer takes down the much bigger Seth Mitchell on HBO.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Boxing's top American heavyweight prospect Seth Mitchell (25-1-1, 19KOs) fell victim to a man on a mission.

Following a turbulent few weeks marked by the death of mentor and famed trainer Emmanuel Steward, heavyweight Jonathan Banks (29-1-1, 19KOs) shocked the world on Saturday night when he took out Mitchell with a second-round knockout.

Banks credited the victory to the legendary Steward whom he was trained by since he was 15. "Emanuel introduced me to all of this. I can’t help but to hear his voice," said Banks.

Banks was aggressive in the opening round, standing toe-to-toe with the much bigger Mitchell. After landing a few right hands, Mitchell began to come forward. This is where the fight changed.

Mitchell became very aggressive in the second round after landing a hard shot to the body. Banks countered an incoming right hand that sent Mitchell crashing to the canvas. Mitchell rose to his feet but was badly hurt as he attempted to hold on to his opponent.  Banks landed a three-punch combination that sent Mitchell down for the second time in the round. Mitchell picked himself up once more only to be sent down for a third time following another vicious attack from Banks.

"During the fight, he never saw my left hook," said Banks. "Once I had him hurt, he did not know and he wasn't experienced enough to grab and hold and protect himself, and I was able to continue to hurt him."

The fight was stopped at 2:37.

After the fight, Banks paid tribute to the man who made him who he is today. "The fight is dedicated to Emanuel Steward and everything he did in my life for me since I was 15," he said.

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