Cleveland Crumbles As Dallas Rises

Did the Browns hand the Cowboys a win or did Romo finally come through?

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Cleveland Crumbles As Dallas Rises

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys finally showed the heart they have been lacking all season in a 20 point second half performance that lead to a 23-20 overtime victory over the Browns. Although this sign of life from the Cowboys is encouraging, it should be pointed out that the Browns currently stand at 2-8 on the season and are regarded as one of the overall worst teams in the NFL.

This game was just as much a case of Dallas playing down to their competition, as it is their determination to come from behind late in the game.

Cleveland held the Cowboys scoreless in the first half as they managed to put up 13 points of their own, but it was Romo who came out in the third quarter and went off for 17 quick points that made the difference. Romo threw for 257 yards on 35-50 attempts, one TD and 0 INTs.  Yet, Romo was almost the goat of the game with a fumble late in the fourth quarter that could have set up Cleveland for the game winning drive. Lucky for Romo and the Cowboys the Browns’ offense is as potent as a Shirley Temple.

After the game, Romo had this to say, “I obviously need to hold onto the ball and not let the guy come from behind and let the ball come out. That could have been a big one.” Yes, Romo is a master of the obvious.

The Dallas offense was a fairly one-dimensional attack the entire day. This too is obvious by simply looking at Dallas’ pathetic rushing statistics. They only rushed for 63 total yards on the ground in 21 attempts. Overall, the Dallas offense looked stagnant outside of the third quarter. They struggled in the red zone most of the game, only going 2-5; and although they managed to pull out the win, they can not be happy with their performance.

Cleveland was probably surprised to be in the game at all as they have continued to be the doormat to the NFL this season. With an 0-5 record on the road this season, the Browns could have really used this win over a decent Dallas team. Unfortunately, this will be just another loss in a season filled with little to no hope for Cleveland fans.   

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